EVERMAX has a wide range of products to offer. As an industry supplier we support customers from different industries, throughout the entire production cycle, from development to batch production. We don't simply rely on standardized procedures we develop and product according to our customers'

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Go Green

Our Sustainability Goals

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reduce carbon emissions each year

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increase usage in recycled and sustainably-sourced materials each year

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our electricity from green energy

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none solvent glue reduce harm for environment

About Us

Our Approach

Evermax Eco is vertically integrated and currently employs over 400 highly skilled workers. The factory was built in 2001 with corporate growth in mind.   The Evermax campus has the room and capability to expand as the business continues to grow. Our highly experienced work force embraces our manufacturing processes from highly technical production of custom TPU and EVA films to lamination with our proprietary non-solvent based Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) glues, radio frequency welding and cut and sew operations.


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Buy the Best Quality Inflatable Single Person kayaks Today!

EVERMAX-ECO CO., LTD is the brand that offers the best inflatable single person kayak to users all over the globe. We are the brand that is the oldest and the most experienced manufacturer of these kayaks and other inflatable and noninflatable range of products in the world. our products are trusted by the users because of the fact that we ensure the standards of quality are up to an international level as the product is thoroughly tested under various different conditions. Not only the standards of quality but these kayaks are also unique in terms of design and development as they have been manufactured in our latest technology-based units under a team of professionals. It does not end here, to add to your surprise; we are the manufacturers of kayaks that are manufactured in a way that they cause no harm to the environment as we develop products that are highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Assurance of International Standards

Evermax is the brand that is the first choice of customers around the globe when they think of purchasing an inflatable single person kayak. We are the oldest and thus the most experienced manufacturer of these kayaks and other types of inflatable and noninflatable range of products that had been benefiting the users. With our vast experience, we are well aware of the importance of the quality of the product thus we offer products that are made using the finest quality material. Following the standards that are followed at an international level, we ensure the standards of quality in every way.

High-technology Based Processing Units

It is not just the quality standards that make our products the most wanted products, but it is the manufacturing and design of these kayaks that make them unique products. These kayaks are designed by a team of highly skilled professionals who have expertise in the relevant field. They are manufactured in our modern, latest technology-based processing units ensuring durability and strength.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products

To further add to your surprise, not only do we care about satisfying the users but we also care about the environment. Thus, we ensure that the products that we manufacture are harmless to the environment. We ensure sustainability in a way that the material used to manufacture these products are eco-friendly and the manufacturing process does not cause any harm either. Ensuring sustainability, we offer environmentally friendly products to users.