our commitment

Carbon Neutrality by 2050

EVERMAX taken a momentous decision, we would concentrate our efforts, as a priority, on our product design and manufacturing the way forward for all means of carbon mitigation to ensure production-manufacturing is sustainable.

The Plan Includes

• CO2 offset through natural carbon sinks- Plant a Tree Project

• Use Renewable Energy to production and manufacturing- Green Energy

• All the material purchase will be sustainably and tracing sourced- ECO-Trac System

Green & Smart Manufacturing

EVERMAX Implement EnMS (Energy Management System), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to allocate energy consumption for production to increase the production efficiency, use energy more efficiently and reasonably, partners with customers and suppliers to be more environmentally and socially responsible in all our endeavors. We expect our team to be responsible innovators in developing and supplying sustainable materials and products to the global supply chain.

Digital Transformation

Some parts engage our customers to adopt 3D digital sampling to avoid redundant and repetitive sample production, which is estimated to take 10~15% of our whole production, reducing waste saves money for our customers and suppliers, Our task is to continually work toward a zero waste operation.

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