Company Profile

Evermax Eco Industrial located in JiaShan, ZheJiang, China established in 2001, an eco friendly and sustainability factory part of the Maxim Group, is a committed to pursue customized products with safe environmental processes.

Maxim Group

Maxim Group was founded in Taiwan in 1973 and expanded into an international manufacturing and export conglomerate with more than 3000 employees at 30 locations in 20 countries.

To better serve our customers, we have global office around the world to cater to our customer' needs regardless of their location. Our network of offices allow us to be quick and efficient, reducing time and costs.

Evermax Eco

Evermax is a professional engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of TPU film. produce with lamination materials and inflatable products such as kayaks, camping pads, and inflatable beds, also promotes sustainability through our eco-friendly campaigns, products, and friendly working environment. As a professional kayak supplier, we have qualified professionals who focus on quality control, design innovation, safety, and production operations.

Evermax is able to supply astonishing customized products and services because we have built a modern quality management system which is in strict accordance with international standards. you can either select a current catalog product or seek engineering assistance for your own creation. Adhering to principles of mutual respect and benefits, and providing professional knowledge, Evermax sincerely welcomes global customers to cooperate with us and enjoy our services.


The milestones of Evermax

Factory of Furthermore(EVERMAX Joint venture)

  • 1999

    High Quality air bed Production

  • 2001

    EVERMAX established Traditional PVC Lamination

  • 2002

    Started TPU Products Production

  • 2006

    TPU Blown Technology Application

  • 2009

    One of the pioneers to use PUR Lamination on outdoor inflatable products in China. 100% NONE SOLVENT reduce harm for Labor & Environment

  • 2015

    Workmanship Upgrade

  • 2017

    Factory of Furthermore merged into EVERMAX TPU Aquatic Products (Glue Free Production)

  • 2019

    Transformation to automation

  • 2021

    Solar panel construction completed Use Solar Energy to Production

  • 2022

    Sustainable Development

Mission and Vision

The EVERMAX is a worldwide leading supplier of inflatable and laminate products with eco friendly solutions. Keep improving & LAF Production(lean, Agile & flexible) is our manufacture principle, Responsibility & Honesty are our company’s values which dominate our daily routine.

Over mission is to provide first-class products and services to create maximum value for customers, through vertical integrated manufacturing processes and supply our customers raw materials through finished goods for sporting and outdoor goods, Home Furnishing goods, Maternal & Infant goods, medical products, disaster recovery and other industries.

Continue to innovate, to be the world’s leading TPU products production supplier! Provide quality products for global customers, enjoy the health and joy for life!