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Our product development team continues to look for new, innovative and sustainable materials for our consumer products. Our goal in product design is to solve specific consumer needs with the best performance and style around. We look forward to you reviewing our current line of Self-Inflating Mats, Air Mattresses, Packraft, Dry Bags and Accessories.

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Choose Evermax Eco – A Dry Sack Manufacturer with Inflatable Goods

Evermax Eco Industrial is a prominent manufacturer of dry bags. You can carry sensitive goods in these dry bags without any fear of damage. We use high-quality materials to make water-resistant dry bags. As a dry sack supplier, we work on product quality. You will never have to worry a bit regarding the safety of your goods while camping or boating. Also, we manufacture inflatable goods like beds, mats, cushions, kayaks, medical pads, toys, etc. All of them are made of high-quality TPU films. These super-quality inflatable dry sacks make us a trusted dry sack manufacturer. Also, we use biodegradable materials to meet the safety standards of users and the environment. Each component is made of durable material. Our dry bags have foolproof sealing, sewing, and knitting. You can buy them from us as we are a top dry sack supplier.

Feasible Prices for Inflatable Goods and Dry Bags in Large Quantities   

Our substantial size of production makes us a bulk supplier of dry bags. We offer cheap rates as a wholesale dry sack manufacturer in the world. You can have economical prices from us even if you can afford low MOQ. We have enough supply to meet your orders at a low price. These wholesale prices help us build good relations with every buyer in the world. This bulk manufacturing makes us a dry sack supplier with reasonable rates. You can find pocket-friendly prices on our website when you explore. These feasible rates of unbelievable dry bags will surprise you. Start buying from us to get really low prices so you can stay ahead in the market. We can supply them to you in large quantities quite easily and on time.

Why Choose Evermax Eco? 

We have been in the competition since 2001. Evermax Eco Industrial is a Chinese company with various buyers around the world. We supply to every client in around 20 countries. As a dry sack supplier, we ensure everything goes well through accurate laboratory testing. Also, we follow certifications like CE, ISO 9001:2015, Bluesign certification, etc. They help us comply with all the rules and regulations in production. We make sure to do material inspections to avoid any issues. This helps us to meet user safety and satisfaction together. As a dry sack manufacturer, we use TPU films with eco-friendly procedures. We have over 3000 workers, who produce the best inflatable goods and dry bags with the finest machines.