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Green Factory

Evermax Eco partners with customers and suppliers to be more environmentally and socially responsible in all our endeavors. We expect our team to be responsible innovators in developing and supplying sustainable materials and products to the global supply chain.

Culture of Sustainability at Evermax Eco - Recycle Symbol

• Culture of Sustainability at Evermax Eco - Recycle Symbol

• Maintain our devotion to safe production standards and top notch quality processes.

• Develop supplier relationships to increase efficiencies in order to decrease consumption of natural resources.

• Design and develop new products with sustainability in the forefront.

Zero Waste

Reducing waste saves money for our customers and suppliers, while reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources. Our task is to continually work toward a zero waste operation.

Plant a Tree Project

Join Us:www.plant-a-tree.org

EVERMAX cooperated with EverEarth brand for many years, advocating their responsibility on society and environment, which practiced in the raw materials using , the suppliers choosing, and unique project of reforestation.We are one of the first Global manufacturers to have maintained our own forest with an area of 5523 hectares in East Asia. Our businesses’ sustainable forestry practices were reviewed by the non-profit organization FSC in 2011, and we were awarded FSC certificate (COC-110391) soon after. The EverEarth Plant a Tree Campaign aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious resources while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their impact on the natural world. Our intent is to continue to grow our tree planting initiatives and sustainability efforts by partnering with more global non-profit organizations and strategic partners with sustainability in mind.  We aim to plant trees in areas where we can make a difference and improve ecological and humanitarian conditions. The “Plant-A-Tree“ Campaign gives individuals and organizations an opportunity to fight climate change by planting oxygen-producing trees.

ECO-Trac System

Maxim Group research and development the ECO-Trac System.

we can leverage information technology to get the full story of each EVERMAX item and consume in a much smarter way. With a simple "one click" deployment of EcoTrac, users gain visibility to how the item was made, the raw materials used and much, much more. The information can then be shared and compared to make smart, conscious and educated purchasing decisions.

Material Traceability

With EcoTrac, following raw materials from very early stages of production begins with applying a Maxim NFC element to a single panel and assigning it to the corresponding bill of materials. With Maxim’s patented technology, the NFC element is discretely integrated into the heat transfer label and remains there throughout the life of the garment.

Brand Protection

Another key benefit of applying Maxim smart labels at early stages of production is the unprecedented level of brand protection they deliver. With each garment carrying its own unique item level identifier, verifying authenticity is as simple as capturing the unique number encoded in the Maxim smart label and confirming it falls within the assigned authentic group of numbers.

Consumer Engagement

Provides retailers with adirect-to-consumer platform, enhancing the shopping experience has now reached far beyond the walls of the traditional brick and mortar stores. As more consumers move to on-line sales, the ability to verify authenticity and material content of each item has become an important factor in their purchasing process. Empowering consumers to do more with their products before and after purchase builds loyalty and creates a lasting product experience.